dàjiāhǎo 大家好!

Weblog? It sounds so 2008 to me;-) I’d had no intention to setting up my own weblog until my teacher of the minor study MMCI (Management of Creativity and Innovation) gave us the assignment. The intention of this assignment is try to promote ourselves on the web by using the knowledge he taught us yesterday on his lecture “Personal Branding”. Obviously, the name of this minor says enough to you. Yeah, right! We are gonna be creative and innovative on the web. I chose using twitter instead of making a weblog on the purpose of its short, saving time, convenient to post wherever you are and whenever you are. In order to accomplish the assignment at school I decided to give the weblog a try as an experiment.

One response to “dàjiāhǎo 大家好!

  1. Interesting, personally I feel that social media is great to be incorperated across many platforms to give the best ‘personal branding’. Maybe not so much in my case, but if I were to use it for a client, I would make sure it were amazing across every possible social media that seemed like it was worth it.

    I do think though, with blogs twitter and any social media, using it is great, but half using it is pointless and sometimes worse than pointless because it will frustrate people about your brand.

    🙂 Welcome to blogging.

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