How do I feel so far?

Time flies! The first week for me was odd, mysterious, unexpected, vague and exploratory. I don’t know if these words express my feelings and thoughts properly as I’m not a native English speaker;-) I hope you get the idea. I ask myself, how do I feel so far? I feel it has been an intense and yet fun experience. I must say I often get tired by the end of the day.

The first assignment was to make a collage to emphasize our passions. What is my passion? Hmm, I have many passions, but which one is the most important? I love my motherland China, the people there and the culture. Having lived for 7 years in the Netherlands, it is gradually becoming my second home. Making the collage helped me to clarify my passion for being involved in cross culture and communication between the Netherlands and China.

The second week has already ended. Our second assignment “Pimp our classroom” has not been completed yet. The classroom is supposed to be dressed in four cities, NY, London, Paris and of course Amsterdam. I suggested when we chose the interior-decorating theme in the class that decorations should be exotic and multi-cultural not only because I’m a Chinese, but some of the other students also come from different cultures. I thought it might be a wise idea to mix all the culture and through the working session people would get to know each other and their culture better. I was a little bit disappointed when the final decision was made. Nevertheless, things won’t always happen as you expect, so it’s best to accept the reality and move on. Therefore, I chose to be part of the group, which is responsible for creating a small Amsterdam in our classroom. I’m confident that we are creating a cosy and cheerful Amsterdam.

Previously, I have never really spent time developing my creativity. During the last 7 years in the Netherlands, I’ve been engaged seeking a meaningful life, learning, adapting and planning. This course is really good opportunity for me to change myself, learn to go with the flow and discover what I have in me.

written on 13 Feb. 2009

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