Petite Flowerbomb




Today I received a newsletter from Viktor & Rolf about the Flowerbomb perfume in a 20 ml bottle that you can take it everywhere. I’ve been using the Flowerbomb perfume of V&R about 3 years and I must say, I haven’t found any other brands can substitute the Flowerbomb;-) For the rest, I don’t purchase any other products of V&R, like clothing because they are expensive for me. A 30 ml bottle of perfume I can use longer than a half year. I’m neither a real pursuer/loyal customer who always goes overboard for a certain brand nor an impulse buyer. The website and newsletter of V&R show its exquisite, delicate and sophisticate design, romantic ideas and the sweat perfume makes women who use it more feminine. These are the reasons that Flowerbomb is attracting me, I guess.

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  1. This blog seems to have gone very quiet… 😉

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