The first impression

When I received the first email from the minor “Management of Creativity and Innovation”, my first reaction was surprised that we had to bring our own chair to the indicated location (I think everyone would react the same). I realized that this minor will rumple my daily life habits, so the regular life style;-)

I believe that I’m the oldest student in the class although I don’t feel that old (even older than some of my teachers). I’m well disciplined, tidy etc. With age, I became cautious. Therefore, the inherent habits are difficult to be changed. It is absolutely big challenge for me during these 20 weeks. I could choose other minors that are less free, more books and disciplines. To be frank, I’m not good at learning from the books either. MMCI has been finally chosen by my conscious purpose. I would like to discover the other side of me and find the courage back I had when I was younger.

written on 4 Feb. 2009

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