Concert Beyoncé

BeyonceWith full enthusiasm I went to the live concert of the diva Beyoncé last night. About half year ago, I received this x-mas present from my boy friend. I was very excited and surprised as I’m not a real fan of Beyoncé, not of any other artists. I do like good music. You must be wondering what the good music is. My definition for good music is that the music can inspire me, give me energy and has nice rhythm and melody. To be honest, I’ve never listened to the lyrics carefully. I can any time like the artists or dislike them, so I’m not a loyal fan;-)

The concert I went last night was incredible. I’ve been to many live concerts and none of them was as good as this first Beyoncé concert I went. “Who am I, who am I…” “Beyoncé! Beyoncé!” “I’m yours”, she was bringing her 2009 “I AM…” World tour in Rotterdam Ahoy. Beyoncé is a real diva. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she did a short show in the middle stage of the hall. She is not just sexy, but she can sing well and dance well, everything she has. I couldn’t see any errors during the entire concert. It was perfect! She is worthy the title “diva”. Now I can understand why the teenager girls were screaming and chasing her around in the hall, crazy about her. I hope she will keep her route in her brilliant career and make people believe in her.

In short, I enjoyed the concert. 

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