The encounter with Twitter

The first time I heard about Twitter was two years ago on the PICNIC network event in Amsterdam. Many visitors were playing with their mobile phones while the companies were presenting their innovative development. This caught my attention, so I intentionally glanced at a mobile display holding in a visitor’s hands who was sitting in front of me. Aha! She was tweeting. I remembered also on that day while I was having lunch with Marc van der @Chijs a man was walking by and then Marc told me “he is the CEO of twitter!” Since then, this new social network application started running in my head. But at that time, I neither tweeted on my mobile phone nor on my computer, as I didn’t have a smart phone that I could tweet everywhere at every moment.

Until last year I bought iPhone, the things have got changed. I took the iPhone recharger all the time because I tweet all day long;-) I felt I had a lot of things to share on Twitter and friends to make. Twitter is really fabulous! I registered another account @pinyin besides my personal account at the suggestion of @casparterhorst who I met on Twitter. Of course, I’ve made more friends on Twitter with who I can share my passion for Chinese Language and for life;-) Now I’m twittering daily with new friends and discussing issues about Chinese language and helping people to improve their Chinese Characters and way of saying things. Also I daily update a voice sample via Twitter so people can listen to Chinese as well and learn from it.

5 responses to “The encounter with Twitter

  1. Just like to say a big thank you for all your help with my Chinese on Twitter. Your help is always appreciated.

    Whenever I’m asked to explain Twitter to people I say that “you get out what you are prepared to put in”. Would you agree with that? You certainly seem to give a lot to the Twitter community.

  2. I’d like to thank you as well! You’ve been a big help when I am trying to figure out how to say things in Chinese.

  3. Room for another thank you?


  4. And my thanks also.


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