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Going to China

More than two weeks ago, I started a project with 5 other classmates from the minor study “Management of Creativity and Innovation”, which is called SchoolForSchool, to further develop our creativity. For more information of this project, please visit the website http://www.schoolforschool.com. June 1 is the Children’s Day in many countries including China. This holiday is simply set to honor children and minors. Schools in China usually hold activities on Children’s Day to allow students to have fun. However on June 1, 2008 the day was made even more memorable, as many people remembered the children who died in the earthquake just two and a half weeks before. 3 group members and I will leave late today for China to celebrate an extra Children’s Day with the victims from Guixi primary school in Beichuan county on June 3. We will arrive Chengdu China on the Children’s Day. I contacted a couple of TV stations and newspaper in China and they might reporting on the spot. I still have to arrange few things when I get there and I hope everything will go smoothly. After the event, I’ll visit my parents in Chongqing as they miss me very much. Yes, I’m the only child they have;-)

I would like to thank all the sponsors of this SFS project or actually my network, Ortel Mobile, Spil Games, Target Media, Jonge Sla, Help China. I on behalf of the entire team, we are really appreciate your contribution. Without your support we can’t make it happen.